Soldiers guide for fighting in Afghanistan … from 92 years ago

Click over to the New English Review to read this short but very interesting article. Meanwhile, it is interesting how tonight there are so many car fires in Hollywood. Yes yes I know it doesn’t  take a Muslim to randomly burn lots of cars but they did pretty much invent the ‘sport’ even if the French police now refuse to keep score.

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  1. I hadn’t made the connection between LA and France, another thing to add into my calculations of what is going to happen.

  2. It would suit the Islamists’ purpose just fine if car burning turned into a national sport in the rest of the Western World, and it matters not at all what religion the car-burners happen to be. One of the fundamental tactic of Islam is to simply create unrest and discomfort around them to the point that the people become so stressed out that they are willing to submit to Islam at any price, if only it brings an end to the unrest. That is what is meant by “The Religion of Peace”. Why do you think they have so many rules and punishments and prohibitions? It insures that no other group could possible live anywhere near them without a great deal of trouble being stirred up as they inadvertently keep offending the ultra-touchy Muslims every time they eat, drink, or pat the dog. Clever…

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