What a concentration camp is, and is not.

First, a video I already posted yesterday. Testimony by a camp survivor from North Korea.

Second, Ron Paul explaining to Iranian state media that Gaza is a concentration camp. You know Gaza, the place the UN said is in the top ten fattest nations on earth?

Thirdly, some footage of days of forced mourning in North Korea over a man who claimed to be the worlds greatest golfer ever on his first game an does not ever defecate while the South Koreans throw a party.

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  1. I don’t think we will be seeing Ron Paul in the oval office any time soon. I doubt too many christians could support a scumbag who wouldn’t have tried to stop the Nazi Death camps. We in America like to think we are the sort of folks who would do that- you know, not be evil. I guess Mr Paul doesn’t think that way.

    Whenever I see Mr. Paul now, I am instantly reminded of that Tark Mwain classic.

    Huck Fim.

  2. It was a stupid comment by Dr Paul, but he is still the best candidate out there and a once in a lifetime chance to end the legalized theft that is the Fed. Dr Paul is the only candidate who – and this might sound slightly crude – has the survival of the white race in mind. Don’t dismiss that notion without thinking long and hard about the situation we are finding ourselves in.

    In 30 years time we’ll be asking ourselves why the choice wasn’t obvious at the time.

  3. As I listen to Paul speak about the Middle East I can tell that he really doesn’t know much about it. He sound like the typical, confused, learn-by-osmosis American politician who has never dedicated any effort to understanding much outside the US border. It must just drive the Israelis nuts when fools like Ron Paul tell them to initiate peace talks when the Arabs state so plainly that they aren’t interested in peace with Israel. Ron Paul is a lightweight who resonates with people who know nothing.

  4. While doing a quick google image search for a snarky comment I came across a couple things that pissed me off.

    I refered to ron paul as Ron “honeybear don’t care about genocide” paul. and went looking for images that might be funny to photoshop.

    I then had the idea of suggesting you do another vid like the chowderhead vid this time the “haters gonna hate” animated guy with ronnies face walks thru famous shots of the holocaust. particularly the little boy holding his hands up. along with glib music and captions of relevant quotes from ronnie. This is the page. It’s image #4 but others would be good to use too.


    But the first two images found in google image search for nazi little boy was being used by a holocaust denier and actual jew hater. That set me off. It was incog man, the page was The stroop report forgery (it was all obvious bs involving photos some mysterious stranger showed him decades ago). I won’t link to it but if you must see that filth just google him.

    I looked at his hompage and at the very top is jackpot of jackpots “Why I am for Dr. Ron Paul.” The rest of the articles are about how awful jews and blacks are. Its a legit site and not something put together to damage ronnieboy. There are pages and pages of filth. He even blamed the brievik massacre on, yup, international jewery.

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