“Instead of massage parlors, people should build mosques”

A scene from Zakho’s Friday riots. Photo Rudaw.
ZAKHO, Iraqi Kurdistan— The preacher blamed for inciting widespread riots last week in Dohuk province has denied accusations that he provoked his followers into destroying businesses deemed un-Islamic.

Following Mala Ismail Osman Sindi’s Friday sermon in which he claimed prostitution was occurring in massage parlors in the Kurdish border town of Zakho, a group of young men set alight the town’s only massage parlor, a dozen liquor stores and three hotels. Many of the businesses were owned by minority Christian Assyrians and Yezidis.

The violence later spread to the city of Dohuk and Sumel, where rioters torched the offices of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, ransacked.

In an interview with Rudaw, Sindi said, “I’m not the only one talking about massage parlors. Everyone else is talking about it and I may have been the last person to address that issue. In my sermon, I only said that instead of massage parlors, people should build mosques.”

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  1. Prostitutes can go to hell and drank wine, go to hell I hate prostitutes, drink and cigarettes she acts ugly and harmful to humans

  2. Anyone who speaks the words of indecent about Islam and Muslims is my shoes (No. 42) dog will build mosques in Europe and America will pay billions to build mosques and spread of Islam (the word of God is Supreme) Islam is the solution to Europe, America failed to resolve your issues

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