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3 Replies to “Ezra Levant speaks with the most excellent Lord Moncton on the superstition of global warming”

  1. Lord Moncton is a charlatan. Ive watched some of his stuff, and he doesn’t even present the data correctly. He does things like only use small segments of data that show what he wants rather than the whole data set. Hes the conservative Al Gore, selling a viewpoint for his own purposes.

  2. Lord Moncton uses the right words indeed: Marxism, Totalitarian and Superstitions (religion). All of this lurks in the background of our western societies, slowly creeping in every facets of our lives. The one thing he is not, is an ‘idiot’. I can say that because I know what an idiot is (i.e. the likes of Suzuki, Gore, etc). This interview should be on all the main stream media. Of courses, we all know that it won’t.

  3. The man knows what he is talking about, he is going against the PC culture and the cult of global warming but isn’t a charlatan, he has seen the future if we don’t fight against the leftist who are working to take all of our freedom so they can make the decisions on how we are to live our lives. We will always have totalitarians among us as long as we remain human, we will also have those who fight to remain free.

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