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4 Replies to “Michael Coren speaks plain truth about the video of the Gazanian suicide bomber and the real ‘root causes’ of this issue”

  1. Good the hear it being said from a tv-studio!

    Islam is primarily about killing.

    There is no safety is islam for the muslim believer from the flames of hell, he or she cannot know where he/she ends up on the last day…. But kill and get killed (sura 9 aya 111) for Allahs cause and right into paradise you go!

    This is islam, this is what the West refuses to understand.

  2. In the insane world of palos when a women is mentally retarded or is married and barren, the pressure is great to justify your existance and not shame your family. The aids ridden yasser arafat perfected the mental anguish to recruit the Army of Roses. You can bet your life that this thing either had sex outside marriage, is barren or is mentally challenged.

  3. I understand that a lot of the female suicide bombers were caught having premarital sex and were given the choice of becoming a martyr, or a victim of an honor killing. This woman doesn’t look like of of those, she has a look of pure fanaticism.

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