It’s good to mock the pompous but don’t forget the horror

Below is a great little video which does a fine job of mocking the stratospheric pomposity of Kim Jong Il. No one liked a spectacle more than Kim and often he would be the only spectator in a football stadium sized venue where hundreds of his slaves would have worked for months or years to put on a cheesy musical.

And how could they not? Those selected slaves could enjoy payment of less starvation than the ones not picked for such glorious duty.

As important as it is to mock the self important as they climb the social ladder of their own minds at the expense and suffering of millions, it’s good to remember the costs

***UPDATE*** Kim’s youngest son, Kim Un appears to be the new leader who I predict will be dubbed, ‘The fattest kid in North Korea’ by the first truly observant journalist out there.

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3 Replies to “It’s good to mock the pompous but don’t forget the horror”

  1. I’m not sure what this has to do with the Chinese. They have a kind of fake alliance with NORK cause it makes a decent tool to use to ‘bargain’ with the West and especially the USA, but you can’t really blame China too too much for this. It feeds it’s own people.

  2. China has more control of the north then people admit, but they aren’t the ones starving the people, that is the Kim family all China does is provide the money and military weapons to keep the Kim family in power. What China truly fears is a unified Korea, one that will give China a run for its money in a war, this is also what Japan fears since the Koreans still remember the treatment they received under Japanese control.

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