Finnish officials mull taking children into care over low-carb diet

Finland is getting to be as totalitarian as England or California.

Mind you I don’t know if in California they actually take your children away from you because your ideas of proper diet vary from officialdom. Say, if you don’t feed your kids an organic vegan diet or something like that. But i bet lots and lots of people would like to.


Domestic news General Monday, 28 November 2011 13:32

Finnish officials have told a family of low-carbohydrate enthusiasts that their children would be taken into care if they failed to heed nutrition advice, provincial paper Iisalmen Sanomat reported Sunday.

Ursula Schwab, a clinical nutrition specialist at the University of East Finland, said at least one family had received such an ultimatum after parents ignored healthcare staff’s warnings about the dangers of an imbalanced diet for children.

“If a child’s growth slows down because of a poor diet, one must send a wakeup call to parents,” Schwab told the Finnish News Agency.

“Should this prove ineffective, the child must be moved to a place where he receives enough nutrition.”

Schwab added that she knew of parents who had put toddlers on so-called low-carb diets.

“A strict low-carb diet is very fatty, and it suppresses hunger. If you down eggs and bacon for breakfast it will take hours before you can even imagine eating again.”

“A growing child needs a varied diet.”

Photograph: Lehtikuva – Sari Gustafsson

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3 Replies to “Finnish officials mull taking children into care over low-carb diet”

  1. Yes, a wake up call telling you that your government autocrats are evil and if you don’t do what they say they’ll come and take your children away to be molested by their own version of our TSA. Forever. Then, someday they’ll come for you too. Tis the season, you know.

  2. Socialism is an evil that way too many people refuse to admit is evil, unfortunately way too many socialists are in power around the world.

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