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12 Replies to “Newt Gingrich makes his position on the Middle East perfectly clear.”

  1. Compare Gingrich’s actual knowledge of history to that “as a student of history” nonsense spewed by Buraq Hussein at Al-Azhar “University” (sic).

  2. Yep, DP111, Buraq Hussein Obama, the one that reckons himself a modern-day version of islam’s creator’s mythical flying donkey.

  3. “I will tell the truth even when it causes confusion amongst the timid.” A very presidential thing to say.

    It looks like Newt hasn’t just sewn up the republican vote, but the patriotic vote, the Jewish vote oh, that obscure little organization known as the evangelical christians.

    Which leaves Hussean with the muslim vote. Gooood luck with that. Didn’t anyone tell him that pandering to the extreme right wing muslim brotherhood would not go unnoticed?

    If we want to see Newt elected we need to educate people that obamma has to be lying when he says he isn’t muslim and that he went to the church he did for any reason other than for appearances. Both his father and step father were muslim and that means he’s muslim (he was brought up muslim when in forign countries).

    He never actually converted.

    To leave that faith for real means death.

    Obama would be the most famous ex muslim convert in history. There should be fatwa after fatwa calling for his execution because of this. But there hasn’t been any. Isn’t that strange? They called for Salman Rushdie’s death just because of a few paragraphs in a book. They must know something about our president that christian Americans do not.

    That can only be that he is lying to us sub human kufars about being a christian.

    Ya he cleans up good and has a nice manner of speaking but it’s what he does that matters, not what he says. He’s basically a Saleek Wi-lee.

    And he has only worked to further the interests of the insurance industry, the banking industry and anti democratic right wing foriegn organizations. He is no Democrat.

    -gave money directly to banks instead of consumers who would have given it to the banks anyway. Instead of helping both he chose to help the banks and hurt the amrican citizens and economy. A republican might have done that but would a real democrat have done that? Hussein ain’t a real democrat.

    -healthcare “reform”. The only “reform” was that American citizens now have to buy insurance at gunpoint. That is only forcing people to throw money down the toilet thus further damaging the economy.

    The last group he has assisted both abroad by praising their arab spring jihad and at home by protecting their subversive criminal organizations from proper prosecution.

    Saleek Wahee-lii indeed.

  4. This guy sounds like a girl. He is a liberal. I can guarantee that he did not serve in the military. Hamas is not a government but a terrorist group. This guy is a liar. They are teaching their children to hat Jews in their schools…I don’t think that we would ever go to war for Israel. This guy is in love with Ron Paul, go figure. Palestinians existed but not as Palestinians they were part of the Ottoman empire. That is true. This is a ploy to get rid of Israel. NO, you are ignorant to history. No, it has nothing to do with the name Palestine. Yes, the name existed but not the people. See, there is a difference. The group didn’t exist, not the place. Palestine is a name of a place that existed but not a people. There were Canaanites in the land prior to this and they left. This is a total lie…There is so much to say. This guy is a liar. You are in the wrong party if you want an honest government. You’re a liberal and a liar by nature…

  5. Actually Truthiocity he is a typical post 1970s Democrat, it is just that the previous ones didn’t have to content with the net, they knew the MSM would cover for them. in t984 Ted Kennedy went to the KGB and tried to get their help in prevent a second Reagan victory, Bill and Hillary pulled our most secure and sensitive encrypted radios from US war planes so they could give (not sell, give) them to Red China. Obama is just suffering from the existence of an alternative media that isn’t afraid to report what he is doing.

  6. Newt Gingrich is a man of principal to tell the truth even if it’s most unpopular.
    His knowledge of the issues is unparalelled. It’s time that the US citizens have
    an opportunity to elect a leader that will help restore this nation’s greatness.

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