Michael Coren discusses the Holimodor

This is good and I am especially glad that it is being discussed more openly. Those university students that rave on about communism never seem to know about this and won’t listen if you tell them. Great to see this critical bit of history getting out there.

THere are a few really fantastic movies about this event, one I am familiar with is called, ‘The Soviet Story’ and is worth every second spent watching.


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  1. The first thing the communist do after they take power if arrest the activist who brought down the government, then they arrest all former military officers and NCO’s, school teachers and politicians. The communist books say that after taking over a nation they have to kill 25% of the population to prevent the people from kicking them out.

    I recommend that everyone get all of the books about the Soviet murders and read them.

  2. The Bolshevik revolution, or communists if you prefer, were made up almost exclusively of Jews from Russia and the USA. They invented the torture camps called gulags and murdered perhaps 60 million people.

    This isn’t to implicate all Jewish people, but it is a fact of history and is relevant today, as a warning in allowing secretive groups to hijack our nations for their own plans.

    The mass immigration of Muslims and Africans into Europe and the Anglosphere is an orchestrated attack with an agenda that will clearly change European civilisation into something monstrous. Most politicians in recent years, from Heath to Blair, from Bush to Obama, are all a part of what they deem the NWO, which seems to me little more than an international communist dictatorship.

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