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3 Replies to “Daniel Pipes and Michael Coren on the history of the ‘Palestinians’ and Israel’s importance to Islam”

  1. This idea of mahoundian “nationalities”; be it “Jordanian”, “Egyptian” or “Balesdinian”, as any sort of mahoundian allegiance to a territorial entity, is totally nonsense except for that of the Turkish sort, and only in the minds of secular-minded Turks. Otherwise, mahoundian loyalties lie with their umma, and solely with that. Soccer games, however, can make mahoundians temporary rally around the flags that symbolize the heretical and blasphemous territorial entities created by the infidel colonialists, but that’s really the only situations in which they do that.

  2. People who dare to read history and say historically correct things about the lefts protected minorities are always vilified. The difference this time is the alternative media that is spreading the facts about what was said.

  3. I think Pipes forgets one thing, and a rather important one!

    Jerusalem is to be the future capital of the Mahdi, the last apocalyptic caliph who together with the prophet Isa (the islamic Jesus) destroys the jews and the christians and conquers all the world for islam in the last days.

    Mecca will, according to islamic beliefs, be destroyed and the arabian peninsula consumed by a great fire.

    The iranians who have nothing but the Mahdi on their minds has named their revolutionary guard “Quds” meaning Jerusalem!

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