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3 Replies to “If you are a woman in Turkey, don’t go to a nightclub, don’t forget your ID, and don’t appear to have a good time.”

  1. “A counter claim for resisting arrest and reckless behaviour” against the torture victim! Well, well, beat that, if you can! What a shameless shower of spineless, woman beating scumbags but in uniforms!

  2. 1st of all, this is also a big shock for us in turkey and all cops included that are arrested.
    2nd: As a rule, male/female if you wanna go nightclub, you GOTTA have your id with you. You know terror problems inside and etc..
    Apparently they found her in nightclub without identification, took to the police station and there was a huge disagreement that caused that violence in station.
    Shortly, it is not about a women who goes to the nclubs, it is pretty normal here in SECULAR TURKEY!!!

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