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5 Replies to “Jason Kenney bans wearing of veil at citizenship swearing in ceremony”

  1. People in burqas cannot and will not ever contribute to society otherwise than negative. I will toast and enjoy the moment when they will be collectively shipped back to where they belong. Let’s not be mollified by peanuts.

  2. Yes Fred I agree, but when all you do is see losses, a slipping of every gain humanity has made since the Bronze Age, then when one of the governments chief agents notices the problem and at least in a token way, starts to set a precedent in favor of our own customs, values and laws, well we should celebrate the little victories when we can. This doesn’t mean stop fighting, it just means energize for the fight to come.

  3. Hooray hooray hooray. Thank you Mr. Kenney. Finally a minister who does a good job and takes charge. Canadians of all background must support him in his endeavour so that one minority culture doesn’t step all over the Canadian culture. In my opinion, a complete ban must be the goal. Too many of our laws and freedom are based on being able to interact with our fellow Canadians face to face. Keep up the good work Mr. Kenney.

  4. Well done Jason Kenney. However, this one was relatively easy. Banning that monstrosity anywhere in public as a second step will be much more difficult, a true test.

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