Ezra Levant and Jason Kenney on today’s ban of face coverings in court

This is truly excellent. Mr. Kenney says something I have longed to hear someone of influence say. It is in this video and it is an actual defense of Canadian values and customs and a suggestion that those who come here and really do not like them, perhaps have picked the wrong country to move to.

This, is wonderful.

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4 Replies to “Ezra Levant and Jason Kenney on today’s ban of face coverings in court”

  1. Great news, lets hope the Australian system does the same.
    SAY NO TO BURQAS !!!!!!

    No one in Australis should be allowed to drive in Burqas or Niqabs.

  2. This is good news but we need to go further. Islamists and their socialist agitators will continue to push the parameters of our tolerance.

    Eventually the West will come to the realisation that muslim immigration must be halted. Muslim immigration into the West is a burden to our societies.

  3. In Canada, our culture is based on facing one another as Canadian. In many aspects of our culture, the identity of someone is required (i.e.: identifying a driver who broke the law, selling cigarettes in corner stores, dealing with our governments at all levels, acusers and defendants as well as jurors in a cour of law, police officer making a traffic stop, etc). This is not debatable, our culture must not allow the wearing of these garments in our society, period.

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