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2 Replies to “Robert Spencer speaks at the Mercure Hotel in Melbourne Australia”

  1. Robert Spencer is an islamophobe. He doesn’t like sharia law, putting women in garbage bags, and killing dhimmis.

    BTW VT, I emailed Robert a few weeks ago about a new “tactic” that the muslim/leftists/jihadists are using. I’m sure you’re probably aware of this. But I’m at work right now. My company has an internet filter—you know, porn/games/extreme violence, etc. They complain to site filters that VT and JW and BCF and winds of jihad are all “HATE SPEECH.” Extremist, racist, neo-nazi blogs equivalent to stormfront.

    It works. I’ve seen JW banned for “extremist hate speech”

    Clever tactic. I do have to hand to them. Robert already knew about this.

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