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4 Replies to “Ezra Levant and Eric Duhaime discuss the new guide for immigrants in Gatineau”

  1. All nations use to do things like this, the pamphlets were to help the immigrants assimilate into the base culture of their new home, now the left is pushing the stupid idea that assimilation is bad. Welcome to the dysfunctional world of the left.

  2. Bull shit, you want to ask if it right or good reading, ask the immigrants. Its insulting, badly written, and discriminatory. Let me put it to you this way: If its not something we can print for all quebecors, it should not be printed. If Eric does not think there is a problem, then why not print it to everyone in quebec? They would not have the balls and not one would accept that. This is just another way to get popular and get votes on based on hate issues. As a portuguese in quebec, I agree with the values regarting laws, but I will never agree to the printed values non-juris that address private life, like hygiene, pontuality, cooking odours. Also, something you dont address in the interview is the effect this has on immigrants already here and established. When a guide tells our new arrivals, our brothers and sisters that hey need to take particular attention to corporal hygiene they are also saying that to us who are already here.
    Another thing is that this sort of segregation, paternalistic, childish writen text opens doors for bullying in schools because it comes from a legal source and one that is validated by popular voting citizens. This is a nightmare for us immigrants here-present becasue out children are already getting insults in the school yard. Not too long ago there was a youth who committed suicide. This is unfair, such guides should pass by the hangs of a few immigrant volunteers for revision before printing.
    Carlos Rodrigues 613 316 0680

  3. Just to set the record straight, the ethnic groups were not consulted. This type of guide would not pass if addressed to general population, and another thing is, why tell them this here in Gatineau, tell this to them abroad when the sign the request to immigrate here. Its one thing to advertise a great city and Province to immigrants who want to come here, and its another to shove them with new conditions once here. In the end, a municipality does not have any power over the freedoms of an individual, only the state. In the end we all know Gatineau is a pilote project that later on Quebec intends to print in Montreal and even pass by-laws. Local politicians thing that by promoting codes on the “second class citizens” they in turn go and grab more support, but in the very that is what immigrants want – immigration policy power and benifits transphered to the municipal level, why? Because in Cities like Gatineau 30% and Montreal more than 40%, the Ethnic vote at municipal level will make a huge difference and those who are now promoting the Énoncé de Valeurs will not be elected next time around. Immigration tends to concentrate in same neighbourhoods, that means that when it comes time to vote they will just change their coucilor, or run for office themselves… this is the future cenario. The best that could have been done and still possible, it to remove the guide, adjust the guide with corrections from the reps of the Ethnic Groups, then print it but addressed to all population of Gatineau, not just the Immigrants (take away the part on cooking odours, hygiene, pontuality) and rewrite the other annoucements. Then in the long term, work with immigration quebec and immigration Canada so these sort of values are adresses at the interview stage abroad. Also, at a local level, they can provide courses given by the existing ethnic groups, about values dos and donts, but that take money into these groups, not just job posts and job posts at the city. Also, partners working with immigration, such as the police of Gatineau and so on… if they want funds for their trainings on immigrant matters, they should look into their own budget, not the budget comming down from Immigration Quebec, just like they do to learn about mental illness. They dont go to Sante Canada or Sante Quebec, those with mental illness are citizens on Gatineau and this training comes from their regular budget. Are the immigrants not citizens? This is all about money and no media has yet address the finacial aspect of this issue: the budjet from Immigration Quebec, job posts at Diversite Gatineau, being elected on hate platforms… A specialists on human rights at Ottawa University said that some times when we build too many codes it does not work to unify people, it works to devise people, and thats whats happening, including your interview. What happens in the rest of Canada? Now that the language issue is resolved, why not go with multiculturalism like in the rest of Canada and get all these procedures to be done by Immigration Canada. When too many people start building different codes to immigrants, especially when they have the right to move within Canada, what kind of message are we sending to them? Is this how we receive them, with this kind of welcome? Where is the Charter on this, that says to a segment of society that they need to take particular attention to their corporal hygiene? How would the media like it if Haper printed something like this to the media: “pay particular attention to your corporal hygiene” not a rule but a sugestion so you can come into the parliament and conduct your interviews….? No, the document has some valid points, although writen in a paternalisct childish format, and it has other annoucements that simply should not be there. Wash your self should not be there. Whats next a course on how to wash myself… my God. As for religion and not to practice in public space, many Immigrant Catholics will loose their right to do the mass outside or use the streets for religious parades, Mosques and all types of religions in Quebec will also loose allot. I particular like my christmas tree at city hall and I dont have a problem if other faiths put up their traditions… how are we going to live together if you only want the best of my culture, lide fado, porto, chourico, seafood recipes, my hard work, my tax contributions, but your not willing to let me parade for Our Lady Fatima, or cook sardines…? This guide was badly though out, and when immigrant groups or partners that work with arrivals, like Parinage Outouais, offered to help, they said NO! no consultations were needed. wow maybe you did not know about this before you made your interview?

  4. I also regrete that Eric said the Lebaneese cause lots of problems and clashes in Gatineau, as well as the other three nations he mentions. This is 100% FALSE, he has no ideas what he is talking about, he lives in Montreal. I live in Gatineau and let me tell you, I dont really know the other three, but the Lebaneese are amazingly respectfull people, and I have never hear of any problems in the last 21 years in Gatineau, that had to to with a particular culture value conflic. I heard of a murder of a little chineese adopted girl in Chelsea, by a french Canadian mother, but please dont use this example for two reasons, first it was the child murdered that was an immigrant, and second, Chelsea is not Gatineau, thats why all immigrants should move to Chelsea and if their not welcomed in Gatineau, we can simply move, and I am one who will move. They say if I dont want to live the way Quebecors do that I should get out; no problem, I have lived the way Quebecors wanted me too for 21 years, now Gatineau wants to tell me how to shower or not to cook my foods that are readly available at loblaws, no problem, I will move to chelsea or enven Abitibi, where the politicians have much more respect for the new commers and immigrants.

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