Atheist kids better at sports: study (Muslim girls the worst)

This should come as no surprise to anyone. At least until head-banging becomes an olympic sport.

From The Local

Results of a study of 600 children conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EHT) have shown that religion has an effect on sporting ability, with Muslim girls the least skilled.

For the study, first grade school children in Winterthur in northern Switzerland underwent regular tests to measure their strength, coordination and agility.

After four years of following their development, the ETH’s Institute for Movement Sciences and Sport cross-referenced the data with information about the origin of their parents, their native language and their religion.

Results showed that children with no religious background tend to be the most skilful athletes. These are followed by Protestants and Catholics. At the opposite end of the spectrum are Muslim children, who performed well below the average, especially girls.

According to the director of the school, Stefan Fritschi, Muslim girls are often reluctant to participate in sports that involve bodily contact with other children. Similarly, swimming lessons are problematic, as Muslim families try to remove their daughters from the classes.

Language also plays a role. German-speaking students show much better results than children with other first languages, such as Bosnian and Albanian.

“The differences are considerable, but not really surprising,” the head of the study, Andreas Krebs, told newspaper Tages Anzeiger. “Parents from south-eastern Europe often have a different level of access to sports. There’s also a different beauty ideal,” he added.

However, for Krebs, the most important differences relate to the social status of the family. The richer and more educated they are, the better their children do in sports tests.

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4 Replies to “Atheist kids better at sports: study (Muslim girls the worst)”

  1. i wonder what the drag coefficient of a burqa is.
    swimming must be very difficult.

    maybe that’s why they go for the RPG, a javelin or discus is just too much trouble.

  2. I am happy that atheist kids have a slight advantage in sports. I just hope it will help fill the void left by a lack of religion.

  3. It can be explained because the athiests are brought up not to secretly think a spiritual entity will intercede for them. They also don’t subconciously abrogate their capacity to make quick personal decisions.

    They also do not subconciously put themselves in a position of inferiority to the world. Previous studies in group dynamics show that groups always have one person who always does the best in everything and the other members of the group cannot seem to beat him. This person in the group can change but it is always just one person. Now if you have a superior entity above you, you have put yourself pscyhologically 2nd place to something else.

    Those studies also found that every group had a member that did the worst in everything. When you are the lowest of the low like muslim women are in muslim religion and society they will be guaranteed to do poorly in sports. Muslim women may participate in sports and do well when not in competition but they are conditioned to think of themselves as being bottom of the pecking order. So the more competitive a sport or event, the worse muslim girls will do.

  4. Correlation, not causation. Notice the study records the information about the origin of their parents, their native language, not just their religion. Children of the more affluent Western European countries have better access and cultural affinity to competitive sports than children of less affluent Eastern European and non-European countries. The less affluent/less culturally athletic group just happens to be more religious, but that is just correlation, not causation.

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