Radio program where Muslims blame white British girls for their own rapes because they dress like British girls.

Funny, I don’t see any “slut-walks” planned to demonstrate against this. One police chief in Toronto makes a remark about provocative clothes and behavior and women across the Western world plan slut walks demanding and taking their right to look how they want. And rightfully so. Yet oddly there is dizzying silence when tens of thousands of women are serially raped and turned into drug addicts and prostitutes by Muslim men and the rational is…

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  1. does anyone still listen to the bbc??? of course the left but… the point i was intending to make is the asian pakistani or shall we call a spade a spade and say the muslim shitbags (most are Pakis in the UK but the Sosmellies are no better) are now actually saying on radio it’s the british girls fault if they get hurt because they dress like a Bristish girl in Britain. F ing outrageous. Sharia is not creeping in it’s in the UK. Speechless………

  2. I’ve done the math and posted my work there before. Each time I have taken different variables into account but every single time the numbers of paying participants have been gargantuine even when as expressed as smallest possible minimums based upon victim testimony and government provided numbers.

    When I say these guys on the radio are blaming the victims because they took part I was not exaggurating. If they are muslims of working class or lower economic rung living in the UK there is an alarmingly high probability that they did participate by paying money to a grooming gang so they could rape a drugged up 12 to 15 year old kidnap victim.

    You may very well have been listening to rapists.

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