BBC manages to make Islam the protector of women who end up in forced marriages.

This is stunning, even for the Islamic-propagandist BBC. I think actually this has nothing to do with political correctness whatsoever. At this point, given a few things I have seen recently on the BBC, they are actually schilling for Islam. It isn’t that they are being politically correct in whitewashing it’s horror. Their reporting really only makes sense in the context of selling the religion to Europeans as a liberal one.

The video below is from this article, which also only mentions Islam or Muslim in a very positive way, despite the horror of the story and the horror of the typical consequence of refusing a forced marriage.

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  1. BBC is the fountainhead of impartiality, BBC “impartiality is in our DNA” (ho ho, nudge nudge wink wink, as even BBC sympathisers say)

    The BBC has been at the forefront of the destruction of Western cultural values. It should be scrapped and its news and current affairs team sent forcibly for a long vacation to a Muslim nation of their choice.

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