Latma: The Times, they are a changing

Latma material has taken a kind of twist recently. Its not so much funny as it is a requiem I find. A reflection of the reality of our times. WHen things aren’t quite so awful you can mock leaders and situations and cultural trends. When they become the stuff that history books are made of, the kind of events that exceed Hollywood’s darkest horror films, then it’s a little harder to treat it with the same satirical feel. Recently crowds have gathered in Cairo to openly advocate global genocide of the Jews. More people within Egypt are currently in jail for political crimes than there was during the entire decades of Mubarak’s rule.

It is a little harder to be blatantly funny.

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  1. Better to laugh than to cry — humour has a way of pointing out absurdities in a way that the written word can’t.

    These guys are talented!

  2. Yes EEyore

    This reminds me of the self deprecating and pitying humour that was in “Fiddler on the Roof”.

    Israeli Leftists must be pleased that they can go back to their shetels.

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