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3 Replies to “Islamic infiltration of UK politics and political parties. 2010”

  1. In the US a guy Grover Norquist who is posing as a conservative but is really a radical convert infiltrator. His whole deal is bully republicans into signing an oath to not raise taxes ever for any reason. It is a) stupid as George Bush I would tell you and b) is actually meant to damage the country by inhibiting the raising of taxes if actually needed – just done onder the cover of fiscal respinsibility. C) gives an illusion that he is in a position of power over republicans or conservatives.

    This infiltrator used his postion to get a second Muslim Brotherhood infiltrator, Suhail Khan into, CPAC. Once in, the infiltrator fomented divisions wherever he could, even trying to bring in The Nation of Islam (you know, those guys who thought the socialist Gadafi was a keen dude) and La Razza (a latino racial supremicist group).

    Khans purpose in CPAC is to create divisions within the conservative community, preventing it from achieving unity on the subject of Islamic supremicism and cripple them in any way possible in confronting stealth and overt islamisation.

    If you want to know how the Muslim Brotherhood has gotten strong in ostensibly free countries, this is the main way they do it. They use infiltrators to join the organizations of their political enemies and cripple them from within.

  2. ps if you think I am talking out of my hat there is a video of Suhail Khan at a CPAC event sitting next to representitives of The Nation of Islam and La Razza on Youtube. They are giving arguments about why such radical left wing racial identity groups should be let into a conservative organization.

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