2010 Australian clip on illegal-alien Muslim who received over Aus. $1,000,000.00 while plotting terror

This clip was sent to me by email so the quality is fairly poor. Legend has it that it was compiled by Oz. TV and not aired because of the usual reasons. This is allegedly a leaked copy. I know I have seen bits of it before but much of it is new to me at least. I thought it worth uploading in light of yesterday’s press conference on the Muslim convert in New York.

Thanks Sheik for sending this to me.

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3 Replies to “2010 Australian clip on illegal-alien Muslim who received over Aus. $1,000,000.00 while plotting terror”

  1. This story sound very familiar indeed. We have similar cases (likely in the hundreds) in Canada. There are probably hundreds of thousands such leeches in Europe and North America and if we continue tip toeing around the issue because of political correctness, we will pay dearly. Well, in fact we are already paying dearly with our tax dollars. Shame on our politicians for not looking after the interests of the country.

  2. These parasites can be found all over the west, make no mistake of it, They feel themselves entitled to all kinds of benefits but doesn’t provide zilch themselves. And funny enough most of them happens to be arselifters just like the guy in the video.

  3. Like you say, this is the norm in European countries.

    It’s the jizya. In addition to this, they are sending billions a year from the European countries to their home countries. Billions and billions a year.

    What if somebody starte calculating how this is influencing the Western economy’s “crisis”?
    What if the governments admitted that this is the jizya that we are obliged(…) to pay, to live in “peace”?

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