Hundreds of Muslims Pray in New York Park, March to NYPD Headquarters in Protest

I would have hoped that a peace loving, pro-American Islamic population would be willing to assist in any terror investigation of its own community whole heartedly.

To be fair, a lot of the people who have been caught before they did anything were turned in by fellow Muslims. But this is still an interesting demonstration for those who might claim to be all American.

Below is some of the article from…

From the Blaze:

NEW YORK (The Blaze/AP) — Hundreds of Muslims prayed in a lower Manhattan park and marched to New York Police headquarters Friday to protest a decade of police infiltrating mosques and spying on Muslim neighborhoods.

Bundled in winter clothes, men and women knelt as the call to prayer echoed off the cold stone of government buildings.

“Being Muslim does not negate our nationality,” Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid told the crowd of about 500 gathered in Foley Square, not far from City Hall and local courthouses. “We are unapologetically Muslim and uncompromisingly American.”

The demonstration was smaller and more subdued than the Occupy Wall Street protests that led to clashes with police and made headlines worldwide. Police wore windbreakers, not riot gear, and protesters called for improved relations with police.

“We want for you to respect us,” Abdur-Rashid said, “and we will respect you.”

It was the first organized opposition to the NYPD’s intelligence tactics since an Associated Press investigation revealed widespread spying programs that documented every aspect of Muslim life in New York. Police infiltrated mosques and student groups. Plainclothes officers catalogued Middle Eastern restaurants and their clientele. Analysts built databases on Arab cab drivers and monitored Muslims who changed their names.


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4 Replies to “Hundreds of Muslims Pray in New York Park, March to NYPD Headquarters in Protest”

  1. Abdur Rashid says, “We want for you to respect us and we will respect you.”

    And when exactly will Muslims respect us? I cannot fathom the circumstances under which Muslims would respect Western civilization or non-Muslims. Same taquiyya, different day.

  2. They don’t know what is the meaning of respect.
    They act upon the fact that we violate their rights!!! They want to take over!!!
    They want to take my rights, my free will, my freedom of speech and freedom of deciding for myself. Their ideology is from the desert 1400 hundred years ago. YOU SUCK!!!
    In the evolution of humanity, you stand between monkeys and humankind.
    Monkeys can think for themselves.

  3. The quote sounds like a veiled threat to me.It is amazing how muslims feel that they can kneel down and pray anywhere they want.I feel it borders on bullying as they are saying you disturb us whilst doing this and there will be trouble.I can guess what would happen if a christian group got together and blocked streets in their neighbourhoods. Go back to the middle east please.The west is not your land.I cant even believe my eyes at times when I see what is happening.

  4. Canada was not meant for churches? Do Muslims have slavery running through their blood? I think that is up to the European settlers to decide? Everyone has the right to live, if there is a concern then ask about what the deal is without jumping to the conclusion. I am pretty sure you are either education to comprehend a sentence, regarding treat others the way you wanted to be treated. If you are going to treat people like shit then what is going to happen to you? Karma? You can’t keep single handled keep pointing problems at the muslims. Were Muslims responsible of salvery or were they responsible for HIV/AIDS epidemic. Everyone contributes to society to create benefits to be shared for everyone. You don’t know what it is like to be constantly be targeted until you have been assumed the role. No muslim is going to come to your house and threaten you because nobody has any personal vendetta. Not all of the Muslims were responsible for the horrendous act of terrorism and that also goes to the fact that Canadians values aren’t inferior to American values. There is too much hate in this world, by the time you are done with hate; you have lived your whole entire life being grumpy.

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