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5 Replies to “Michael Coren speaks with David Horowitz”

  1. David is correct, the entire world is in denial about the threat posed by Islam, and it will take several more major terror attacks to wake them to fight back.

  2. Nothing new in this conversation. We all know universities have become cesspool of leftwing idiologues. We are now in our second generation of brain washed young men and women. Not enough of the main stream media carries this type of dialogue in order to fight back this plague.

  3. I am just starting to understand why teachers are mostly leftist.
    Teachers and professors live in an isolated environment and they don’t even know it and here is why.

    My wife works for a Major University the professors and staff always use the term “pedagogy” which means instructional learning. Which I call step by step learning or spoon feeding the student. This type of learning is the standard for all schools that I am aware of.

    Then there is Heutagogy which means too learn how to learn. If you ask a professor what this means almost all of them wouldn’t have a clue what you are talking about. There is also Andragogy but that isn’t important for my point.

    The student that learns something on his own uses Heutagogy they don’t need pedagogy or to be spoon feed information. Which means Universities have two kinds of students those that are there because government or society requires them to get a degree for what they want to do. Then there are those that need to be spoon fed information which they are the vast majority.

    Here is my point:
    Teachers and professors do not associate themselves with self learners because they don’t need their help. Thus all Teachers and professors know and understand are those that are sheep and others that teach the sheep.

  4. What a great guy. It was as if hit that muzzie dame on the head with great big wad of black booty porn. She had no idea how to come back. It was a complete victory. Jews will keep fighting and they will win.

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