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27 Replies to “British flag offensive to people living in England.”

  1. It’s Britain, and in Britain the British flag must be allowed to fly! Anyone who says otherwise is committing borderline treason.

  2. How can Britain not be doomed? Any nation that would enter into discussions/negotiations over the question of whether its flag is “offensive” to some is already on the downward slope.

  3. Maybe the guy who’s traumatized by the sight of the flag should return to the country of his ancestors. Mexicans in the US are the same way though.

  4. It’s pretty clear that the black guy considers the Union Jack to be the flag of the white people, not the flag of Britain. He revealed that when he said, “How would they like it if I flew a Caribbean flag outside my house?”. I’m telling you, when the racial mixture in Britain becomes majority non-white, the dark-skinned people are not going to be anywhere near as nice about it as the white people are now. I think Britain is headed for civil war and it is entirely the fault of the Labor Party. This is what made Anders Brevik so angry.

  5. How would we feel if a caribbean flag was flown the caribbean guy asked – um, let me ask him how he would we feel if we moved thousands of white people to the caribbean, imported our food amd customs, held the country to ransom at the price of the native population and then said (ok implied) their flag was racist, and suggested we fly ours.

    Idiot. Sorry I mean we are idiots for either agreeing, or thinking he has a point.

  6. “How would they like it if I flew a Caribbean flag outside my house?”.
    Hey, idiot, you are in Britain, not the Caribbean. Be proud of your ‘new’ country. Otherwise, pack up your things and move to the Caribbean. Likely another one reaping the benefits of his host country while complaining about its traditions and values.

  7. I didn’t know the Caribbean had a flag. I think I’ll make an Atlantic flag and fly that and see what happens. I can make up a whole aquatic culture and demand people not offend it.

  8. all those who reside in this land, who do not like the union jack, should either piss off or be executed.
    no one is forced to stay, other than those in her majesty’s hostelries and they don’t always count.

  9. “How wuz dey to feel if I was to put a carabian flag outside all year round?”

    They wouldn’t care!

    They would respect your ironic pride in the country you were so proud of that you left it.

    If you were flying the caribian flag in the carribean, would that be insensitive to all the non carribeans who live there?

  10. The Union Jack should and must fly everyday and anyone who doesn’t like it can (as the British say) piss off and move to a country that will put up with their B.S.

    I’m sure most Britons feel the same way about ungrateful immigrants ( seems to be the only kind these days) as the ungrateful, whining, demanding immigrants feel about the flag most Briton’s ancestors fought and died under.

  11. That one woman nailed it:
    “It’s political correctness gone Mad.”

    Brits shoule be able to fly Britain’s flag whenever, and for how long, they please.

  12. “How would they like it if I flew a Caribbean flag outside my house?”.

    I think “they”(would dearly love to know who his interpretation of “they”really are) would like it 100% providing that his house actually does reside in the Caribbean.Is this man really that stupid that he can’t see the irony of his sad,pathetic argument? Is he really trying to tell the British public that the union Jack has no rights to be flown anymore in this country? I truly hope this idiot is enjoying his few seconds of publicly biting the hand that feeds him,and look forward to the day when he will be allowed to fly whatever flag he so desires.Unfortunately for him it wont be in Britain

  13. Doesn’t he really mean that it is the British people he finds “offensive” and is why the flag that represents them is therefore also “offensive”? Because if you come down to the real reason, it’s the British people who are really offending these guys. Now that we straightened that out, now what do you think the British people should do with such people who obviously have no intention of blending into British society? My guess will be nothing since this is exactly why such people are brought there to destroy the concept of being “British”. The goal of destroying all national identities is exactly what Globalists want. Until there is no Britain, no France, no Norway, or Sweden, but only a European cesspool of politically protected groups who are totally subvervient and dependent on the the State. Now, either do something about that or your all finished. Or maybe you are already too late now. All you can do is just gripe about it until one day they outlaw that too.

  14. puerile comment by a man who should know better. as a non native who probably has better life chances in the uk to be upset by what helped him just goes to show how the pc thinking has made people lose all sense of obligation. empathy, honour, respect have become obselete to be replaced by self centred thinking. worse is the council are discussing the issue instead of laughing at such an obscene and stupid comment.

  15. The Caribbean guy says he has to explain that “this isn’t the BNP HQ”? You mean flying the British flag is only the province of the BNP? If his friends are offended by the flag, they’re living in the wrong country. Berks all.

  16. What a twit! If he’s so offended by the flag he should go back there where he doesn’t have to look at it.
    I suppose it would depend on where in the Caribbean he comes from. He might have to see it down there as well. I wonder if he realizes that most of Britain is offended by him. I know I am.

  17. At the end of the day a flag is a piece of cloth. It is what is represents that matters. During my Black Booty Porn production jaunts I am well aware that the black booty in three D is different from the hug black bottoms on my computer disc. The same goes for the flag. The flag is not Britain. It is a cloth representation and nothing more.

  18. What on earth has flying the British flag got to do with the BNP? Perhaps that is to imply that flying the British flag is a racist thing to do or hold views which do not accord with his own. What a horrible intolerant, Orwellian age we live in!

  19. The black guy should know – but for some strange reason doesn’t – that people of his colour, from the West Indies, fought and in many cases died fighting under the Union Jack – from 1801 onwards. I’m surprised at his ignorance. But perhaps I shouldn’t be. After all, history is not taught properly in schools any more, and children are taught to be ashamed of the Empire and Britishness in general.

  20. What’s he talking about! He can fly a Caribbean flag outside his house. But the Union Jack is the flag of THE COUNTRY HE’S LIVING IN!

  21. If it wasnt for that flag ,that man’s ancestors would not have been taken as slaves to the caribbean.If it wasnt for that flag ,that mans family would not have been able to come from the caribbean and get work in britain. If it wasnt for that flag ,that man wouldnt be sitting in a nice village in middle england.He would most likely be sitting in the hell holes that are kingstown, Jamaica, or Lagos, Nigeria !

  22. Noggers has always hated white people since time immemorial. Now as long as they are the minority they are quite content by being offended by white mans symbols. When they are in the majority they will start exterminating us. that is what the globalist elites are counting on. They want to get rid of us. The whites are too high level IQ and EQ. Stupid people like arselifters and noggers are much easier to rule and thus making slave out of them. Whites would rebel against the tyranny eventually just like Spartacus.

  23. Robin I would ask you to be more respectful. The Negro is a fine specimen of humanity. I should know since I produce Black Booty Porn. And remember to spell correctly. It is Niggers not Noggers. It should be borne in mind that the individuals who are not exceptional in any way (such as having a gigantic black asses or high IQs) are not the sort of people that populate the world in great numbers. I have never ever met a white genius. They do exist but are very rare in the world. So the average person is not a genius. You are not a genius. This forum is not populated by such luminaries. You are an average person. The white genius is for the whole world. He exists for a mere black boot porn producers like me, he exists for a blogger like you and for the muslims etc. The world is their oyster.

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