OWS and antisemitism. From Bill Whittle

I am a huge fan of Bill Whittle. And I think this video has within it, food for thought. I made my own little video asking questions about this connection.

But I still think the OWS movement is mostly cans-of-cashews, homeless people who need psychiatric help, over-paid and very powerful union leaders sending minions to bloat numbers for unspoken demands and thanks to lots of media attention, Muslim opportunists.

Some of the genuine antisemitism at these things is also opportunistic thanks to the media, ravenous for a sexy story, who picked up on some nuts in NY taken out of context and then, when people saw how much attention and power they got for appearing antisemitic the streets were awash with it both genuine and attention seeking.

Still, this video is worth seeing and thinking about as are all of Mr. Whittles videos.

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  1. just recently Youtube removed a video i had posted that featured pro-palestinian /anti-Israel propaganda i had documented from the Oakland CA Occupy encampment which i live only about 20 minutes away from. this video couldn’t be truer and the liberal fascists of today know it!

  2. David H., you should post your video at some other video hosting website such as Vimeo, photobucket, veoh, viddler, or blip.tv. Then give us a link to it.

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