Some hard core propaganda of Spanish children on the matters of Islam and Gaza.

I didn’t get the name in time for the actual video, but the translator is John L Work. I tend to err on the side of safety and if I don’t know how they want their name represented, I don’t post any. But John gave me that name and thank you very much for the hard and rapid work translating this video.

I wish those women in Muslim garb, decorating their kids all out in Islamic clothing and chanting to Allah, I wish those people who revel in the notion that Israel will be an Islamic state, would see this first.

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7 Replies to “Some hard core propaganda of Spanish children on the matters of Islam and Gaza.”

  1. It’s amazing that everything that is shit and I mean truly shit, comes from the Islamic world – things like hatred, narrow-mindedness, stupidity, murder, cruelty and so on; but everything that is creative, interesting and original comes from non-Muslims.

    Why are these Palestinian apologists dressed as clowns? Muslims have no sense of humour. They should not be dressing as clowns (not a Muslim creation), nor should apologists for Islam be dressing as clowns (even though in reality they are stupid clowns).

    Everything that they do to lie to us or to fight against us, they steal from us. Every idea, be it technological, political, satirical or artistic. They are nothing without us, yet they seek to destroy us. How many Palestinians walk around in tee-shirts and baseball caps, symbols of America, yet fail to see the irony of what they are wearing?

    Is this because deep down they know that we are so much better than they are? They are incredibly jealous of us, just like the Prophet Mohammed was jealous of everyone else, because he was such a loser in his personal life, a sad, delirious, sexual incompetent who could only ever bed a woman by raping her or bribing her.
    Muslims are so stupid, so completely off the mark, that they cannot do anything other than lie, cheat and devote their lies to destruction, manipulation and self-delusion. They need us and they feed off us, and they constantly try to deceive us with their propaganda.

    Why are some of us being even more stupid than they are, by believing these lies?

  2. If madness was fashionable, not to mention profitable, then a sizeable majority would be mad without question.

    “Save Palestine” from whom exactly? From themselves maybe. Save their women from their men, the institutionalized violence hatred and misogyny. Their children from their families who have no concept of the sacredness of the child. Human life means nothing to them. Then save the ordinary every day folk from the ultra tryanical , mullah ridden regimes who enslave them, while capitalizing on their victimhood.

    Recall Souad “Burned Alive”the story of a survior of an attempted honor murder. Burned alive and thrown in a hospital in the West Bank where she was denied the most basic treatment for her burns, let to rot and then die. She gave birth meantime. -The savage violence in the story was overwhelming in parts- Then when fate smiled upon her, she was rescued, but not without some difficulty. It was then and only then one sighs a breath of relief when the courageous, rescue worker approaches the border agency in Jersualem and there the Israeli officials arranged their exit permits, thereby faciliating medical help which saved her life, secured her freedom and that of her infant.

    These are the matters which should be of uttermost concern to the ordinary, every day folk, thereafter everything else falls into place.

    Pray save us and the children from those who distort reality!

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