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8 Replies to “Dutch elderly savagely robbed in own homes with extreme violence”

  1. Once again gun control proves to be victim disarmament, the elderly don’t have the physical strength to resist a gang of home invaders, but if you add a handgun or shotgun into the mix they would win just about every time.

  2. It was utterly unfortunate that the video didn’t mention anything about ethnicity or the religion of piss. Because we all know it had everything to do with pislam.

  3. This criminal behaviour is extremely disturbing! In Sweden the elderly are attacked by Romanis and immigrants from the Middle East. They invade Sweden robbing and beating defenceless people. This has got to stop!

  4. Robin Shadowes said,

    that isn’t the right word. The media is more afraid then the elderly

    Fear is the right word. The only thing to change this is courage.

    Notice how the police encourage fear by telling people to not fight back.
    The government couldn’t do more wrong to their people without doing it themselves.

  5. Advised to “give the robbers everything they want” by Dutch National Robbery Coordinator? FFS! Give in?! Like hell, FIRE EVERY numbnut bearing a badge & advising surrender. Bloody hell. Arm these seniors. Any memories of the war years . .. they’ll remember how to defend themselves.

    Lan Astaslem.

  6. If they do arm them (which I doubt will happen) give them Taurus Judges, these are 6 shot double action revolvers that chamber the .45 Long Colt. However the cylinders are build long enough to chamber a .410 shotgun shell, the wife of a friend has one that chambers the 3 inch magnum shell and she keeps it loaded with triple 0ught buck, that gives her 6 .357 inch round lead balls available in every chamber.

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