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6 Replies to “Anjem Choudary raided, properties being searched now, as we speak!”

  1. The Police have a tough job. Can you imagine raiding his house, marching into his bedroom, finding a hard-disk crammed with child porn, a wardrobe full of nothing but pyjamas and slippers, and a discarded Philips beard-trimmer containing flat batteries, that you find in his waste-paper bin, and that hasn’t been used since 1992?
    A policeman’s lot is not a happy one!

  2. Raid Confirmed!………..Police raid anti-poppy protest group…….12:13pm GMT

    LONDON | Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:19pm GMT

    (Reuters) – London counter-terrorism officers said on Friday they had carried out a raid on three premises linked to a radical Muslim group, shortly after the organisation, which had planned a demonstration to disrupt Armistice Day ceremonies, was banned.


  3. Just imagine the stench oozing from his house. I hope those cops wore gas-masks or else the fumes from his fartwas could be possibly lethal.

  4. It’s been too long coming. But what’s the bet Choudary somehow manages to avoid prosecution? It took US State Dept. intervention to bring Abu Hamza to ground. Were it not for that, he’d still be urging his followers to randomly stab non-Muslims (“if you can get away with it, do it!”) to this day.

    In any sane world, the whole al-Muhajiroun group and its offshoots would be behind bars for their hate crimes.

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