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5 Replies to “Another story on the 80,000 Muslims bum lifting on Moscow streets”

  1. There is a back story here. Most of these Muslims come from the Caucasus. One of the groups, the Chechnyans, fought 2 wars to separate. Lost. Now, an increasing number of ethnic Russians would like to set the Caucasus free and eject the Muslims from Russia. It is particularly irritating since Putin / Medvedev are throwing money at the area to calm it down.


  2. In case there were word restrictions, a few quotes:

    Russian Nationalists and Pro-Democracy Activists Blame the North Caucasus on National Unity Day

    On November 4, the so-called Russian Marches took place in cities across Russia. The biggest rally took place in Moscow, where an estimated 14,000 people participated…..The well-known Russian pro-democracy leader Aleksei Navalny and his supporters joined forces with the nationalists to demand an end to the government’s financing of the North Caucasus and to condemn the ruling United Russia party

    Slogans such as “Russia for Russians” and “Stop Feeding the Caucasus” appeared to dominate the rallies….

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