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9 Replies to “Video on Russian march”

  1. I am not sure it is purely anti muslim. Muslims are brown people or coloured people with an attitude. A nasty attitude. It may be against all coloured people which makes sense as they all look the same in terms of being coloured. Now focusing on this is nationalistic as this is something that is different. Nationalism is about differences. For example Proud Ukrainians are nationalistic against Russians. So it is all about differences. However, compared to a death to America brown crowd in Tehran they are not that different. So it seems to me that loving whiteness is good thing from a nationalistic point of view if you are a white nation.

  2. Elites always feed muslims. At least the Russians are waking up. Chechans are whites but are controlled by brown Arabs. The Brown foreignness is the base of evil, Islamic evil.

  3. Interesting, the Russians are showing more nationalism then the other nations, but the Russians have always been more uneducated and less sophisticated then the other nations. Where the EDL is calling for a melting pot in Britain the Russians are calling for the SS.

  4. The first video stays the communist are backing these ethnic laws. But some how these groups are right wing while giving a German Socialist salute.

    I have a feeling the left just labels everything ring wing when they don’t like something.

  5. – OxAO

    Good instinct. I wouldn’t trust a word of the narrative of any of these Russia protest videos. And that close-up of the guy with Hitler tattooed to his chest? That doesn’t prove much. I think, to most people, the term “right wing” simply means “evil”. Seriously. That’s what I thought when I was about 16…

  6. Russians wouldn’t allow the Nazis to take their country, why would you think they would stand for being taken over by Muslims?

  7. When Hitler first invaded the Soviet Union the Russian armies murdered their officers and surrendered thinking that the Germans would be better then Stalin, after the Russians discovered they were no better they started fighting.

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