Armed guards with ‘shoot to kill’ orders to sail on British ships in war against Somali pirates!

Dail Mail     31st October 2011

Armed guards with permission to kill pirates will be deployed on British merchant ships, David Cameron announced yesterday.

The Prime Minister pledged to relax a ban on security guards carrying weapons to tackle what he described as the ‘complete stain’ of bandits seizing ships, taking hostages and demanding ransoms.

He is determined to combat the risks to shipping off Somalia, where 49 of the world’s 53 hijackings last year took place.

Mr Cameron acted as military chiefs admitted the U.S. was using ‘hunter-killer’ drones in the area to disrupt pirates and Islamists.

Up to 200 vessels flying the Red Ensign, the flag of the British merchant navy, regularly sail close to Somalia. No ship with armed security has yet been hijacked, according to the Government.

Under the plans, which should be in place by next month, only ships travelling through the worst-affected waters, such as the Gulf of Aden, would be exempt from UK gun laws.

Somali pirates rake in millions a year from hijacked ships. Currently, around 19 vessels are held hostage.

5 Replies to “Armed guards with ‘shoot to kill’ orders to sail on British ships in war against Somali pirates!”

  1. Finally, someone who will deal with these goons. I also saw a video a while back showing Russian navy dealing with them in a quick and drastic fashion. Blast them out of the water. Now that’s a deterrent.

  2. Before everyone gets all excited, there is the small matter of the ECHR. Cameron is just playing to electors. Nothing much is to be taken of this gimmick.

  3. I agree with “softly bob” and it’s about time someone displayed some common sense even if it is only a momentary lapse; shoot the bastards on sight and be done with it.

  4. I can’t remember how long ago I saw the report that someone had suggested putting WWII anti-aircraft and anti-patrol torpedo guns on the merchant ships and manning them with retired military personal. The worlds governments should have moved to some form or armed security for the ships a long time ago, what was holding them back was the anti-self defense attitude of the left. They don’t way individuals defending themselves and they aren’t that happy with nations defending themselves.

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