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2 Replies to “Some campaign posters that are appearing around France”

  1. I like the Obama lied, the economy died.

    Nationalism is the wave of the future, the coming resurgence of nationalism and the violence that is going to accompany it are all the fault of the left. If the left had let the citizens of the various nations take pride in their nations and their history we wouldn’t be in this mess, now the only way out is a resurgence of nationalism and fighting a major war of survival.

  2. Hugh Fitzgerald posted at New English Review, not too long ago, a letter to the Socialist candidate for the presidency, François Hollande, from a former Socialist militant who says that the dhimmitude proudly displayed by most of the French political class has made her think about voting for the National Front, because they’re the only party that might actually do something about the islamization of her country.
    Since my French is still basic, I read a Google-translated version of her letter. Nevertheless, the anger that a lot of ordinary French folks have felt over the betrayal of their country by their leaders was not lost through the use of that resource.

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