Egyptian cleric calls for sharia in Egypt

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A translated excerpt from a very moving and impassioned speech by Sheikh Umar ibn Abdul Aziz in Egypt, calling for the shariah and moving Egypt and its people to establish the deen of Allah, and to give the revolution real meaning post Mubarak. He exhorts them to fear no one but Allah in doing so, even if America and Israel declare war on Egypt, for the “war against Israel and America” is “better than the war against Allah” by not implementing his deen as the way of life that it is. Given in October 2011.

This khutbah was given at Masjid Nur, Cairo, Egypt.

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  1. If you ignore the scary meaning of the sermon (which will probably be followed in the very near future) he sounds like the old fashion tent revival preachers, but they were out to save souls, not create a dictatorship that will murder millions.

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