Canadian religion-of-peace leader arrested at Hajj in the KSA for fighting

From the CBC with any actual reference to what probably really happened likely removed to avoid embarrassing Islam in any way.

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Edmonton imam jailed, reportedly beaten at hajj

Saudi religious police detain cleric in Medina during Muslim pilgrimage

CBC News

Posted: Oct 30, 2011 10:23 AM ET

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2011 4:06 PM ET

An imam from Canada is under arrest in Saudi Arabia after he was attacked by a mob and beaten while attending hajj, according to witnesses.

Witnesses say Usama Al-Atar was beaten and kicked by men summoned by Saudi religious police before his arrest.Witnesses say Usama Al-Atar was beaten and kicked by men summoned by Saudi religious police before his arrest.The attack took place at a cemetery in Medina early Sunday morning and was reportedly sparked when religious police approached an international group of pilgrims that included the imam, Usama Al-Atar of Edmonton.

Witnesses said angry words were spoken, then things calmed down. That’s when a single member of the religious police approached Al-Atar, offered to shake his hand and then called out to a group of men at a taxi stand.

They rushed in and began beating Al-Atar, kicking him and attempting to throttle him, the witnesses said.

Medina central police arrived, escorted the Canadian to a car and drove away, according to the witnesses.

Several witnesses said the attack was unprovoked, CBC journalist Muhammad Lila wrote on his Twitter page.

It’s not clear whether others in the group of international pilgrims, which included Canadians and Britons, were injured. Members of the group have contacted the British Embassy and were told the British would contact Canadian authorities.

The Foreign Affairs Department issued a statement Sunday afternoon saying it was aware of Al-Atar’s arrest and would provide consular assistance.

It’s believed Al-Atar, who has a PhD in chemistry and is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Alberta, has been charged with assault. Saudi police have not confirmed this, however.

The annual Muslim pilgrimage, known as hajj, is a pillar of the Islamic faith and draws millions of participants to Saudi Arabia. The main sites are in Mecca, but some pilgrims travel to Medina as well.

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  1. i am supposed to care because he is canadian. muslims kill. that’s their job description for those who think thinks might change if we let them fck us up the arse enough times. they like it so stop holding your breath. now if you think that was offensive tell the people who have been killed for not being muslim then tell me i am offensive.

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