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6 Replies to “Police explain that flying a British flag in England will get you arrested right away. Palestinian and Hizbollah ones OK”

  1. From the liveblogging:

    [11:44PM] BirminghamPress

    Asst Chief Con Marcus Beale says, and I quote:

    “I have in the past supported UAF activity and may support their future activities”

    That is entirely unacceptable!

    It is the responsibility of the police to keep the peace without bias. Repeatedly it has been shown on broadcasts that the UAF cause disturbances and who make trouble for the police at demos. It is never the EDL who do so. It has also been shown that the police are completely aware of this difference.

    And lets make one thing perfectly clear. The UAF are protesting on behalf of people who burned the poppy on rememberance day, spat on soldiers in a show of support for the taliban and who’s vision for britian is a theocratic fascist state where men of only one identity group will have full civil and human rights.

    The UAF are traitors and the real inheritors of Mosley.

  2. I can see a possibility that in the future Canada and the US will be training and arming guerrillas to fight in Britain, I pray this won’t be necessary.

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