Men dressed as women for radically different purposes.

Here are two stories of men dressing as women, both of which involves Islam but for radically different reasons.

First, From Jihad Watch:

Thailand: Jihadist gunmen dressed as women kill seven

Fighting like men isn’t often jihadists’ strong suit, anyway. Hence the preference in conflicts the world over for asymmetrical warfare and the targeting of civilians. “Seven dead in Thai south attacks,” from Agence France-Presse, October 24 (thanks to Twostellas):

NARATHIWAT, Thailand: Suspected Muslim insurgents have killed at least seven people in back-to-back shooting and bomb attacks in Thailand’s troubled south, police said Monday.

On Sunday evening an unknown number of gunmen dressed as women, travelling in three pick-up trucks, opened fire on a checkpoint in the main town of Narathiwat province killing two rangers.

Shortly afterwards a bomb exploded at a nearby supermarket, followed by a second bomb at another supermarket about 300 metres (yards) away, causing fires that spread through shophouses and took three hours to extinguish.

Police said they found two charred bodies of the male owner and a female teacher in the first shop, while a young boy and his parents were found dead in the second.

Another seven people suffered burns in the attacks, which happened within the space of half an hour — the latest in a series of increasingly brazen attacks by the shadowy militants.

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Then, here in Montreal, we see some men dressed in Burkas to make a point about anti-Israel protests. These men however, are trying to save lives. Notice how one of the signs says that Israel is a refuge for gay Arabs from the rest of the Middle East. If I get a chance, I will try and redo this video with English subtitles later tonight. This perspective of this event was clearly filmed by someone hostile to their non-anti-Israel point of view. Easy to find in Montreal I’m afraid.

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  1. Terrorists attack soft targets that can’t fight back and use any disguise the think necessary to get to their targets, freedom fighters and guerrillas attack hard targets that have military value. Freedom fighters also use ridicule to make their point. The men in Montreal are freedom fighters, the ones in Thailand are scum.

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