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3 Replies to “Ezra Levant interviews Daniel Pipes live in studio Oct 24 2011”

  1. As always, Pipes assumes wrong because he knows only half of the story.

    While it is correct that Gaddafi was ‘kind of’ forced to pay compo to the families of the Lockerbie victims, but he in turn took 6 Bulgarian nurses hostage and kept them in jail for 7 years, accusing them of having infected Libyan children with AIDS.

    The charges were absurd; and yet he was able to make a deal with the EUro dhimmies that they would pay compo to him for the same amount.

    Gaddafi also managed to get Berlusconi to sign a deal for 20 billion$ in compo for perceived Italian transgression during ‘occupation & colonialism’, which the new rulers doubtlessly want to see honored.

    And then there was the compo deal with Condollllleeeeezzzzza Rice, who’s handshake he refused because he is (was) a ‘good Muslim’, but she nevertheless got the Bush gumbint to pay a few hundred million in compo for Reagans bombardment, which killed a daughter Gaddafi never had.

    Remember: Libya is a Barbary state.

    We been there before. Were it not for these bastards America would have not built a navy some 220 years ago…..

  2. They said that America and Nato did not know about the man chosen to be the “interum president”. I do not believe that for a second. I posit that they must have known he was a radical islamist and chose to keep that information from the public.

    The mark on his head proves he is an extreme radical. That the first 2 things he did was make polygamy legal and the banks sharia only shows where his priorities lie.

    And since when is changing something as big as the banking laws an appropriate decision for an interrum president to make? It was not to hasten development because sharia banking costs the same to the consumer as does regular banking.

    Not just that but both changes would be the sort of thing that would be debated and voted upon in a democracy. Would anyone in that country vote to permit polygamy again? Hellz no!

    It’s not just women who wouldn’t want it back but men especially would not. If a man can have 4 wives that means 1 man out of 4 will have 4 wives and 3 men out of 4 will have no wives- and that means no chance to have a son, one of the most imporant things in arab society. That’s why this weasle made the change by decree instead of democratic vote.

  3. I myself am happy with the new extremist muslim in charge. We need evil bastards like this in order to see clearly. People like the “moderate” Gaddafi are always on the radar of the “moderate” seeking westerners. Even the faintest glimmer of someone being a “moderate” and they go giddy. Now we have this sharia law trained judge who was the justice minster in the Gaddafi Government, and I for one hope he crushes the moderate label as quickly as possible and we can see clearly what he represents. The one good thing I admire about the Inbred Persians and their delusions of grandeur is they are honest about one thing and one thing only. And that is they hate. We know they hate and they love to tell us that they hate. Hence, it does make life easier in dealing with the inbreeds when the moderate is now thankfully no longer on the radar. The previous prime minster was a “moderate”! according to whole swathes of the Western Press. The monkey is charge now changed all that and showed his hatred clear and burning bright for the whole world to see on his brown bearded face.

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