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6 Replies to “Another excellent SUN MEDIA clip on the nature of Islam and ‘honour killings’”

  1. 1) Multiculturalism has failed, and failed big time.

    2) no new laws, enforce the existing laws, one of the problems is we have been indoctrinated to the point that we call for new laws for crimes that the laws that are centuries if not millenniums old forbid.

    3) there is a war going on between minority groups, the left is choosing the side with the most votes.

    4) by trying to lessen the crime the so called rights groups are giving the crime a pass, a large pass. If this is allowed to go on long enough honor killings will no longer be a crime.

  2. Tarek Fatah seems to make some confused points in his analysis of these “honor killings”, in that he allows their validity to maintain a patriarch’s sense of supposed honor when the all-wise man of the house decides his vanity (honor) has been somehow besmirched when a daughter lays claim to be human.

    He also seems to think that it lies in the West’s court to abrogate this barbaric behavior because Muslims all accept the concept of “honor killings” as having validity, so it can not be up to them to change their barbaric religion.

    Nonsense. If Muslims are to be welcomed in modern societies with their enlightened values, it is up to them to adapt, and not to flood into non-Muslim countries in waves and then try to force these countries to regress to the seventh Century standards of a blighted, tribal, war-faring way of life. Unless the West (and this includes Europe) soon recognizes the danger we are facing in allowing Islam to set the rules by which they persist in living by, no matter where, we are allowing them to set up a Caliphate in the West.

  3. The news caster makes a big mistake.
    killing pigs is not murder.

    It doesn’t matter what a Christian based judge thinks he did what Allah requires of him.

  4. Henry M. Galt
    said, “it is up to them to adapt”

    There has been one Islamic orginization that attempted to “adapt” they call themselves
    Ahmadi Islam. They treated like Christians and Jews and are killed like pigs.

    The only other way to adapt is to not practice. Which is common in western civilizations for Muslims to do.

  5. The ritualized slaughter of girls to honor their men folk do not fall within the human crime catergory. They are beyond redemption and all human comprehension. Words cannot capture the reality of such evil.

    The problem in the West and the MC delusion is that: the legal systems are operating on the premise that we all share the same culture and underlying values. As such it is not equipped to deal with the so called “honor” killings and crimes of this nature. Prison will not rehabitate the offenders. The death penalty would go some part of the way; but that is too many steps backwards for the West. Deportation of the whole community, including the mullahs, involved is the only humane solution. All cultures are not equal and no force on this earth will ever manage to make it a fact!

  6. Returning the death penalty would be a step backwards on in the sense that the returning to living in the real world with rational laws is a step backwards, remember the “progressive” laws were written by the left to use our legal system against us.

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