Physio struck off for his religious rant at patient

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struck off physio Zaffar Ali arrives for the health professions council hearingPHYSIOPR struck off physio Zaffar Ali arrives for the health professions council hearing

Published on Wednesday 19 October 2011 04:53


A MUSLIM physiotherapist who launched into a racist rant when a patient refused to undergo acupuncture at a Sheffield clinic has been struck off.


Zaffar Ali told the Christian woman her faith was ‘wrong’ and had ‘killed more people than any other religion’ after she said the treatment was against her beliefs.

He ‘tore into’ her at an NHS clinic in Sheffield, lambasting her with a series of ‘inappropriate remarks’ in an attempt to pressure her into accepting his recommendation, the Health Professions Council heard.

Ali, formerly of Shirebrook Road, Heeley, claimed he was trying to show her ‘another viewpoint’ but a string of charges against him were proved at a misconduct hearing.

He was already subject to a four-year caution imposed by the HPC in 2009 after he received criminal convictions for harassment and battery and was sacked from Sheffield NHS Primary Care Trust.

Ali admitted assault and harassment at Sheffield Magistrates Court.

He broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend and assaulted one of her male friends.

Ruling that he should be struck off the professional register, panel chairman Ian Griffiths said: “The proved facts amount to more than merely isolated incidents but show a pattern of inappropriate behaviour by Mr Ali, in particular towards female patients.

“Mr Ali posed a risk of harm to patients and the panel is satisfied that the issues giving rise to this risk have not been addressed.”

The hearing was told Ali confronted the woman while he was working for Pain Management Solutions, a Barnsley-based firm which provides treatment for chronic pain on behalf of the NHS.

In a letter of complaint she wrote: “I found Mr Ali to be extremely racist against my Christian faith. I have had doctors, nurses and staff of all different religions look after me but this is the first time I’ve been treated by such a bigoted man as Mr Ali.”

In a written response Ali admitted religion had come up in the consultation, but claimed he tried to avoid a detailed discussion.

Ali, who did not attend the hearing, was dismissed from Pain Management Solutions last August and is believed to have left the country.

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6 Replies to “Physio struck off for his religious rant at patient”

  1. The government is starting to wake up and protect the rights of everyone, what we have to hope is that it isn’t too late to prevent massive violence.

  2. I think Muslims are less confident than they used to be. I remember just a year ago they seemed more pushy. Maybe reality is settling in and they realise what a bunch of inbred losers they really are.
    It is always good to ignore them if they start talking about Politics or Religion. A polite silence is the best way. This woman showed another way and hit back, not in some pointless argument with a moron (all muzzies are morons, I know since I have spoken to hundreds of them because I live in a ghetto with them unlike their islam0phile politicians), but by reporting him. How about that. It is usually the muzzie who goes crying to the government or the UN etc

  3. Islamophilia on the part of the elite has not translated well into the minds of the population. The pattern of expected conduct was set by the elites with Negrophilia. A government campaign started in America in the mid sixties that was fantastically successful.
    Negrophilia made it mandatory to like blacks and if you did not you were a racist. Blacks played their part by becoming fantastically successful in a number of sports, and in TV, in Hollywood and in music where they even pioneered whole new genres of music. Oprah got on tv and became a billionairess with a whole of influence. Negrophilia did have a benign outcome for the most part and is part of the modern American mindset but Islamophilia backed from on high with the Umma splashing dollars to every corrupt politician they could find has not succeeded despite so much effort on the part of our rulers. The public are just not buying Islamophila and do not mind or care if you call them racist or islamophobes (a lot of people are unaware of the term in any case due to not caring about current events language). I myself have not bought Islamophilia but I bought negrophilia and am happy and enriched by it. A lack of talent among the muzzies can not be remedied by any amount of petro dollars from on high. The success of Negrophilia among the ruled is a cause of happiness for the elite but the failure of Islamphilia makes them even more desperate that it should succeed among the great unwashed. The talent laden first act of Negrophila is too steep an act for the talentless and, tentless muzzies of Islamophilia to reproduce..

  4. Everyone is not on board with your “negrophilia” theories. Wouldn’t it be great if all we had to worry about were black crime rates, quotas, race cards, race baiting, etc., instead of the strealthy creep of islam and all it entails? At least what the social revolution of the 60’s and the problems the left gave us over the last 50 yrs. are identifiable. Agree with you that Americans are fed up with multicultural PC and don’t care if they get labeled this time around because the threat from islam is profoundly undemocratic in all ways. The Left just has not awakened yet to the threat from islam to everything they worked the last 50 yrs. to achieve.

  5. A smartly dressed civilised medical worker on the surface…… but as they say, you can put lipstick and mascara on a pig, but it will still roll in shit.
    Deception at its finest!

  6. Abdul part of the reason they are less confident is that they see the US still fighting back, despite all of the road blocks the left has placed in our war we are finding new and innovative ways to defend ourselves.

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