Palestinian envoy to Canada tips her hand, is thrown out of Canada

The diplomatic cold shoulder was sparked when Ms. Sobeh Ali took to Twitter this month to circulate a link to a video posted on YouTube, telling her followers on the social-media message system to “check this video out.”
The video shows a Palestinian girl, in tears and shouting with passion, reciting a poem in Arabic, “I am Palestinian.” The English subtitles on the video include a passage where millions are called “to a war that raze the injustice and oppression and destroy the Jews.”

When Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird learned of it about two weeks ago, he instructed his deputy minister, Morris Rosenberg, to call Ms. Sobeh Ali in to complain, and the Canadian representative in the West Bank, Chris Greenshields, to protest to the Palestinian Authority.

“Canada expects the Palestinian Authority to appropriately deal with this serious transgression,” Mr. Baird’s spokesman, Chris Day, said in an e-mail. “We have taken the decision to limit communication with this official until a replacement is selected.”…

Toronto Star:

Of course, none of that is surprising given the official position of Hamas as evidenced below:

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  1. The Canadian govt. is fooling itself if it truly believes this is anomalous behaviour. Still, this is a good move; we are stuck with the self-deception of numerous previous governments on this issue.

  2. Richard
    said, “Of course she doesn’t believe in hate, she doesn’t consider antisemitism hatred by rather obeying the orders of Allah.”

    exactly. A butcher has no hate for the cow he cuts.
    They just have absolutely no respect for other life forms.
    We are dogs or pigs.

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