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3 Replies to “On Feb 3 2011 Melanie Phillips analyzed the politics of Egypt”

  1. As far as I can see Melanie has made only one mistake, the Moslem Brotherhood isn’t a radical version of Islam, it is the true version of Islam. Claire on the other hand is a useful idiot that is busy selling out freedom so she can feel good about her self without thinking. Claire is also making the mistake of thinking all cultures are like Britain’s and allowing others to act as their culture dictates things will turn out well.

  2. Some question marks as to the intelligence and mental sanity of all involved may rightfully be raised. Back when it all started, I took one look at those vids, and the fact that the prominent cry was “allahu akhbar” told me everything I needed to know.

  3. Thank goodness for people like Melanie Phillips!
    I agree with ‘Fred’: when I hear the words “allahu akhbar” I worry. And Richard is correct: there is only one aim in Islam – world domination/’caliphate’.

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