Australia: Wakademic Calls For Hate Speech Laws Against “Offensive T-Shirts”

From Winds of Jihad:

y sheikyermami on October 16, 2011

Yet another wakademic finds a worthy cause to get behind:

 “Offensive T-Shirts”

This clown has all the ‘right’ credentials  for the neo-totalitarians who want  to remove the last remnants of freedom of expression in this country.

“The same people who preach tolerance on everything are in fact the least tolerant when it comes to open debate.”

 Wannabe dictator Simon Rice: Associate Professor;  Law Reform and “Social Justice expert”- (‘SJ’ stands for redistribution of other peoples money…)

“Police left powerless as society views alter”

“Offensive T-shirts”- can you smell the coffee? Can you imagine what the world be like when you allow guys like this ‘social justice’ kook tell you what you can wear?

While most of us are outraged over  the farcical Andrew Bolt ‘Racial Discrimination’  show-trial, lunatics feel they can restrict our freedom of speech even more.

Here’s the latest from Andrew Bolt:

Please click though for the rest

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  1. The world was a nicer place before the “experts from academia started pontificating one any and everything, then people started deferring to them because of their academic credentials. The smartest teacher I had kept repeating that we shouldn’t be afraid to trust ourselves, if our own experience told us what an exert was saying was wrong it probably was wrong. Too many people have never learned that.

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