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4 Replies to “Occupy Rome protest turns violent”

  1. Serves Italy right. They have millions of muzzies from Algeria, Turkey, Tunisia, Libya and other nearby muslim lands eroding and corroding their economy. 30% of the working population cannot put enough in the kitty to sustain the rest of the 70% who either don’t work because jobs are not to be found or because they get enough from the caretaker govt. At least the SriLankan refugees (whose number is at least half million if not more ) make some sort of a living hawking goods at subway stops.

  2. You hypocritic bastards burned my car! Now what will I do? I demand that you all send one dollar to % slobo, P.O. Box, 1517, Moline, Illinois USA!

  3. I think the protesters need to get up on the Schlock Mercenary website (an online SF comic) and learn the 9 rules for successful pirates. I only remember two of them but the first is, Loot then burn. The other one I know is, The enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy, nothing more and nothing less.

    Both should be remembered in the coming time of trouble.

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