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5 Replies to “FOX news on the foiled terror plot”

  1. From what I was taught I think this was an act of war against not only Saudi but also the US, I wonder if Obama will take that attitude?

  2. Excellent question. This was an outright act of war by an actual state, not even a proxy army for a state like Hizb’allah. The US needs to consider it’s next move carefully. Obama needs to be watched. I am very curious as to how he manages this. He has the opportunity to do it really right. He has made all the apologies and reconciliations that might allow him to rally the centre left behind him. I doubt he does that. But he has a golden opportunity to do so.

  3. Re-sink the Iranian Navy in under six minutes, like we did many years ago. Occupy Straights of Hormuz, full blockade, sink all Iranian vessels. Clear Persian Gulf of mines, control waterway from now on.

  4. Will Obama order that? Unless we are attacked in the homeland any US President would have a hard time justifying that action, and if we are attacked in the homeland anything besides an invasion and unconditional surrender will do nothing but cause us to be attacked again.

  5. Do you really think Obama will do anything? Up front action is not his style, unless it is to make himself look good. The next election is still a year away. He’s letting the Dept. of Justice on the podium, probably to prop up Holder. Considering the messes his decisions become, whatever he does likely will have unintended consequences. Agreed that things are getting serious. What common sense tells us is not what he always does.

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