Enquiring minds would like to know why?

It was brought to the attention of the Tundra Tabloids that the leading Christian “quality” daily, Trouw, leaves extreme anti-Semitic talkbacks on its website to an article titled: Nobody dared to question Hitler“. According to the BadNewsFromTheNetherlands blog, anti-Semitic comments such as these are left online for all to see:

The factories in Germany and the rest of Europe were in the hands of the Jewish people which paid starvation wages to their workers, while they made giant profits on the American markets. This is the reason why Hitler became so angry with this people. He had warned them frequently enough to be honest traders and pay decent salaries. The Jews refused this, which led to hatred against these people….That’s what I know about it. They became rich from the crisis.”

This is not only categorically false, it also promotes the myth that Jews brought upon themselves their own destruction. Just think what the Dutch anti-Semites will do with that anti-Jew trope, not only the knuckle dragging Neo-Nazi types on the Left, but also the Muslims who get major doses of anti-Semitic rhetoric in their Mosques and whenever they crack open a koran, or a book of hadiths and sunna of Mohamed.

What in the world are these editors of this leading Christian “quality” online magazine thinking? Has the situation so deteriorated that European Christians are once again dipping into the well of irrational Jew hatred? KGS

Here is a screen capture of the article and the offending comment:


  1. Ironically, Trouw started as a paper of the Dutch resistance in the Second World War. Nowadays, Trouw is a politically-correct, Islam-apologetic, left-wing newspaper (only in name “Christian”). The newspaper is also rabidly anti-Israel. The ex-communist Willem Schoonen is the editor-in-chief. In the eighties, he worked for “De Waarheid” (“The Truth”), a newspaper of the Communist Party of the Netherlands (CPN).

  2. Any study of German history shows that the big factories were owned by Germans, second the starvation wages was partially caused by the communist rebellions that occured during the 20s. The other reason was the excessive reparations that the other European nations were collecting for WWI. Most of the Jews in Germany considered themselves Germans rather then Jews, the ones that didn’t were trying to get enough money to pay someone to smuggle them into Palestine.

    Having said that I wish I could answer the question of why with something other then saying the editors are either fools or cowards.

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