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4 Replies to “More amateur video of the current slaughter of the copts”

  1. Horrible what the recorder is showing: the police and muslim civilians killing unarmed boy. Even while are dragging him assassinated, the police (or soldiers) still sticking him. The milenar Egipt fall into barbarism, under terrorist authorities and sanguinary muslim crowds. Comparing Mubarak with this, Mubarak was a saint!

  2. The horrors of living as a minority group under the influences of the barbaric sharia and its mobs! There has not been a beeb about this in the MSM!

    What about that olde Jeddah based duffer Mr Ishanoglu and his buddie,Madame Clinton who claimed, -amongst other things- in July 2011[Res 16/18][OIC] that they were: “focused on interfaith dialogue and collaboration, enforcing anti-discrimination laws protecting the rights of ALL people to worship as they choose and to use some old fashion techniques of peer pressure and shaming” ectera, ectera. Obviously that did not apply to Christians, as it may bestow rights, as opposed to duties!

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