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My dearest readers of Vlad T

Peder Jensen, the blogger known as Fjordman, has been forced from his home and his life as it was, due to absurd and frankly, even impossible assertions over what took place in Oslo this year. As a result, a man who has given us, most especially perhaps me as I have been very inspired and influenced by his excellent and lucid essays and analysis, finds himself needing a little help from us.

Below, a few words he wrote on the matter. But if you can please all find it in your hearts and wallets to use the donate button at the top of the page at Vlad and give a few dollars to Fjordman to help him through a time where it has become much harder to have a normal job for reasons you will, I’m certain, all understand, and put a note in the donation that this money is intended for him, I will see to it that he gets it right away.

I hope many of you can help him out. Fjordman really has sacrificed a lot,

and more than I can say here in fact.

Eeyore for Vlad

Hello from Peder Jensen alias Fjordman. I will continue writing under one name or the other and hope to publish several books in the next year and a half, but after the Breivik case in Norway, which I got mixed up in against my will, I no longer have a job and I am also moving out of my old flat in Oslo, which I already left weeks ago. There are always some costs involved in moving to a different location and creating a new life somewhere else. If you have enjoyed some of my essays in the past I would be grateful if you donated a few bucks this time. Think of it as a Fjordman Relocation Fund. Just mark the donations as being for me and I will get it via Vlad’s fine website.

Thank you, and thank you for all the support and kind words I get from long-time readers.


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44 Replies to “A chance to help out Fjordman”

  1. @Mark, via the donate button at the top right hand corner. Put a note in your donation that it’s for Fjordman. 🙂

    Vlad will make sure it gets to the right place.

  2. Have contributed! Fjordman has risked everything to help what remains of Europe.He has awoken many hundreds of thousands to the threats that will destroy us.I hope he will eventually be recognised by his own counrtymen for the bravery he has shown.

  3. I’m an old guy getting by on Social Security…and I wish I could afford to send Peder
    more…but, for now, here’s $100-. Each month after I get my Social Security check I shall donate again. Everyone should give as generously as they can to help this great
    and wonderful man who has sacrificed so much for our freedom.

  4. Could you pleas report about the money. Maybe here on the website. Just the FIRST NAME and the amount of money.

    Then we all feel better – i think.

    Is there the possibility give Fjordman FREE ACCOMODATION. And free tickets, for example, to travel through Europe…

    What do you think?

  5. Gunnar

    You made a very trenchant, and some may say, a downright rude comment.

    Needless, you still need to elaborate why Fjordman needs to contort himself. As for dying, we all will some day.

  6. Hello

    Can you inform us about the circumstances of Fjordman loosing his job?

    Anyway, glad to be able to donate and help Fjordman, a martyr of free speach.

  7. Will send NOK 1000 asap. Is there anyone who deserves our support, – it must be fjordman. With my greatest respect for a golden pen.
    best regards

  8. 50$ on its way!

    I may not agree 100% with Fjordman, but he is an ally against the fascist left and islamofascism. An enemy of fascism and totalitarianism is always my friend.

    Sindre Rudshaug, Oslo

  9. I gave 400$ a week ago. We must support those that pay the price for protecting our freedom.

    Støtt Fjordmann. En av våre viktigste tenkere skal ikke knekkes for å ha begått den synd det er å være politisk ukorrekt.

    Takk Fjordmann for alt du allerede har gjort. Ikke gi deg, dine tanker er for viktige til at du skal la deg trampes ihjel av gjess.

  10. Hummm, This man influenced a murderer indirectly working with others such as the Mossad very likely as one Norwegian Professor has hinted at! Fjordman aka Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen is a Jew and a closet Zionist who has worked as an observer for the Israeli “Mossad” in Hebron! And is a known proponent of fellow Zionist Jews such as Bat Ye’or pseudonym of Gisèle Littman, née Orebi and wife of fellow Jew activist “Mossad” connected David Gerald Littman.

  11. Malak:

    He is currently in disguise wearing a burka and is in a home very near you. I hope you deal with him appropriately. Don’t waste time asking questions, just treat the next burka you see as if it is him. Cause it is!

  12. I got this begging email again this morning 4th August 2012 for “Peder Jensen alias Fjordman” which was first posted 9th of October 2011! Has he not moved yet? Or does moving in Norway take almost a year? Even if he has lost his job Norway has one of thee most generous welfare systems in the world. And he is clamming all the benefits he can! So why the begging letters?

    I also don’t think “Peder Jensen alias Fjordman” is innocent and with his Zionist background he was one of those behind what Breivik did no doubt, getting somebody else to do the dirty work with the written word and Mossad, but is backtracking because he could end up finally locked up. Simple as that. Go beg somewhere else.

  13. At no time was an email ever sent. This post was made, and that was it. Please try and find out who sent the fraudulent emails. Thank you.

  14. In response to you telling me you did not send the begging letter again!
    Firstly why did you send me a message from a donotreply email address? I would have contacted you privately on this matter.
    Secondly I have just checked both your message and the one sent earlier IE the begging letter and they are from exactly the same source! You should find out who is sending them out from your computer or system, not me!

  15. Please post the from and ideally, the header information here in a comment. That would be great. Thank you.

    Once again, neither Fjordman nor I, nor anyone on his behalf has EVER sent out an email asking for donations. One post appeared here and a couple that related to it. That is all.

    If you could post the FROM info please as well as the header in a comment that would be most helpful.

    Thank you

  16. I can post you the full details to a private email address…. But I will not post the header information here for all to see, because it’s illegal to post another persons details on a public forum, and it also contains my personal information. Please send me a private email address and I will forward this information on to you.

    However I can post the the email front I got on the 4th….Only my private info has been changed.

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