Ontario government issues orders to be extra special to Muslims during Ramadan. The usual racism of lower expectations.

To be honest, this is the first time I have seen Michael Coren not be up to his usual standard on these issues. Not that I disagree with him, but I think he failed on the main point.

In a free country, Canada being one of the very last ones, religion is a choice.

This means that people can choose to observe whatever religious ritual they want to (providing its legal of course) and no government forces them to do it.

This means that we, the rest of us, need not go one-bloody-inch out of our way to accommodate it. I can, and will, eat a nice big ham sandwich and a cold beer next to a fasting Jew or Muslim or whatever anytime it suits me. Because it is his choice to fast and I have no obligation to adjust my own schedule or choices one inch.

Frankly, if we do adjust our own freedoms for these ‘accomodations’ it is for one of a few reasons all of which are awful.

1. The racism of lower expectations.

We figure these people, whoever they are, sort of have to do these things. They have no real agency like ‘we do’ so of course, we bend to them. It’s only fair right? Cause they are too stupid or primitive to make a real choice. Such is the thinking of the racism of lower expectations.

2. We are subservient to them and their customs.

In this case, commonly called, ‘dhimmitude’, the non-Muslims must acknowledge the supremacy of Islam and bend to its adherents customs, even when it is not done in Islamic lands. Such as footbaths in airports which they do not even have in Saudi Arabia. But they do now in the USA

3. These rituals and so on are actually mandated by law as they are in many Islamic countries. In these cases, you are not in a free country and then yes, special care should be given to people forced to observe a lot of crap they may or may not believe in because hell they had no choice in it.

But this is Canada. People choose to wear a certain kind of linen on their heads for reasons of religion or cultural identification. They choose to sacrifice something like lunch for a couple of weeks to show devotion to a pirate and rapist from 1400 years ago, and also, to make dinner more fun.

Whatever it is people choose to do for the sake of religion or culture is their choice. It will have no impact on any of mine.

And this has nothing to do with ‘being nice’.
It is about preserving the freedom to make those choices as well as not make them.


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9 Replies to “Ontario government issues orders to be extra special to Muslims during Ramadan. The usual racism of lower expectations.”

  1. fasting Muslim

    This whole business of fasting Muslims is a sham from beginning to end. Muslims fast during the day, all the while looking forward to indulging in gluttony through the night. This is not fasting at all, as fasting is about ignoring the pangs of hunger. Do they indulge in overeating – yes, as most of them put on weight during Ramadan.

    BTW, all of us fast during the night, between dinner and breakfast (Break fast), and we do this throughout the year. We do not demand that Muslims do not eat in the night while we are fasting.

  2. Fasting is just another religious way of controlling the mind, by controlling basic instincts. It also controls the basic instinct of drink, sex and fear of death. In the case of death, Islam removes the fear of death by brainwashing muzzies from infancy that there is a life after death, and in some cases promises a reward of virgins if one blows himself to bits in the name of Allah.

    It’s still not clear how a muzzie is supposed to deal with a virgin after he has blown himself to bits especially as the bit required will most likely be missing.

    It’s even less clear is what a virgin gets in reward for blowing herself to bits. Could the reward be the ability to stick all the bits back together again including the vital bit that’s needed?

  3. You watch what governments around the western world are doing to their citizens and I begin to feel there is no more treacherous race than the white race.

  4. Be sensitive! Poppycock. Keep your religion out of my face. You’re working in an office building and are paid by an employer. Do your job. You want to practice your religion on special days – stay at home on your vacation time. There are no statutory holidays for ‘Ramadan’ in this country. You live within our culture. Period.

  5. If you are going to give special instructions and breaks to one religion you must do it for all religions or you have taken the first step to establish a state religion.

  6. I purposely take bottled water and snacks and eat them all over during this time just to be as aggrivating as possible to these insidious customs that are thrown in my face over and over when Christians, Jews, Budhists, Hindus, and other normal Canadians don’t have to flaunt their customs, This is a country that celebrates Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and the majority of the population follows these customs, and hopefully, soon, once again with pride. (This was never a problem in the past for any Jews, Hindus, Budhists that I knew)
    This is still a Christian/Judeo country with laws and traditions based on these religions and as far as most people in Canada are concerned the other customs need to shut up and do their thing quietly.
    The population is waking up, and the sleeping giant of what is the Canadian value, is on the move, thanks to the Harper government……
    Those who have almost destroyed this country will soon be squashed and their destructive multi-culti false paradigm values will be superceeded by stregnth and pride in what is truely Canadian……and it doesn’t include hijabs and female genital mutilation, but a pride in everything Christian/Jewish in this soon to be once again great nation.

  7. the biggest and saddest joke of all is that this pimple will be reelected in Ontario, what a sick joke that is,
    how much debt is now in Ontario,,, 16 billion, that\s a great record when the Canadian Finance minister has to come out and bring it to the attention of the braindead in Ontario
    mcquinty’s record is so bad and yet, that snivelling smirking little lying piece of dung will be relected, the coward of history, he will go down as one of the people responsible for the closest Canada ever came to self=destructing

    His police forces in all cities are corrupt, his stand on education is decadant, Health Care is the biggest joke of all, when I first moved to the province, I was issued 5 different health cards, during the first year, I went to the offices several times, and then when I moved once, still had more cards sent out, and during the time I followed this up to the headquarters, it didn’t take too much to realize the entire operation was corrupt with no accountability or regulation, then the former minister, found guilty of embessling millions in health, under mcguinties watch, has the nerve to run for mayor of Toronto, what an even sicker joke
    his management of the province is criminal
    So again, Alberta will have to bail out this garbage dump, ontario

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