If you find yourself being mugged…

Do not cooperate. Do not hand over your wallet. Do not kneel. Do not obey the ludicrous advice of the authorities for the past couple of decades because police want the 100% mandate for the use of force, even if it means you die for lack of self defense.
If a criminal tries to take your stuff and threatens force, use all the cunning and resistance you have. Your odds of survival will go way up based on the new facts of life and crime in the Western world.

This goes 100X as much for potential rape victims.

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  1. Back in the 70’s a study of rape victims was done, the people doing the study were shocked to discover that the women who didn’t resist were much more likely to be injured while those who fought back were often successful in driving off the rapist. Remember muggers and rapists are usually cowards who are counting on you not knowing how to resist and not being willing to hurt anyone else. Successful resistance is usually based on the victim being willing to injure the attacker.

  2. Richard: Your comment reminded me of something that happened to me in 1961. Segregation in Washington had been ended and crime against whites had started; as you say, the police advised us to give in to them. Early one evening I was attacked on our street by a black guy who had come into our white neighborhood to rape a white woman. As he dragged me into the bushes, I started to scream and thrash my arms and legs around wildly. He ran off. I saw that one’s automatic reaction is to resist. If I had not resisted, I would have been raped. Even if the assailant has a weapon, fight back.

  3. In all emergency situations, where there is no immediate recourse to the police force, all people have the right to defend themselves using retaliatory force against those who initiate force.

    You might like to read Harry Binswanger’s essay regarding the proper implementation of retaliatory force in a proper society – a laissez-faire capitalist society:


  4. I can feel his hurt. I am sorry for those two young kids who were killed.

    I don’t condone his subtle call for racism though. WHy call only Europe to see the injustice here. Anyone who loves humanity black or white, will see clearly the wrong that happened.

    Something strange happened in the 1980s maybe? it seem like there was a rise in left wing thinking that goes something like: “whites did alot of injustice to humanity, and so its justifiable to let non-whites act out in fury and anger no matter the outcome –especially if it hurts whites1” or something like that.

    I don’t watch much tv or movies, but I recently saw “Dances with Wolves”. AFter all the hype about this movie.; I was surprised to see it was another white guilt movie.

    Its humanity against evil. A white person saying “hey white Europe, look what we suffer (at the hands of non-whites) is on the same side as the colorist racists.

  5. Thank you Paula, all giving in to the criminals does is allow them to take more and grow bolder. Learn to fight and if you can’t legally carry a gun get mace and carry it.

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