Man drugged and raped 12-year-old girl in Malmö

In order not to offend the groups that do all the raping, killing, mugging and threatening in Sweden, we shall make sure that no description of any real use is ever given in serious crime reports.

From The Local:


A 12-year-old girl was raped in the Lindängen area of Malmö between 6pm and 7pm on Sunday evening. The girl has reported how she was attacked outside by a man in his thirties.

The girl was walking home alone from a friend’s house when the attack occurred.

According to the local Kvällsposten daily, the girl became aware that a man was following her and began to run towards Lindängeskolan but he caught up with her and trip her up.

The newspaper reports how the man is thought to have held a can with a strong smelling liquid, believed by the police to be chloroform or ether, under her nose so that she became dazed and eventually passed out.

He is then suspected of having raped the 12-year-old. The girl came to later that evening, but not before nightfall.

The newspaper reports that there were several patches of sperm on her clothing after the attack.

The police have secured a few leads but on Monday morning no one had been arrested. Police believe that the man has carried out several similar attacks.

Andres Kristenson, who is leading the investigation with the Malmö police, believes that there are strong chances of solving the crime.

“But I don’t want to give any further details,” he said to the TT news agency.

The case has been classified as aggravated rape. The man is reported to be around 30-years-old, 170 centimetres tall and was wearing black clothing.

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  1. Once again the media refuses to say just which group the rapists belongs to, after all they don’t know for sure or want to inflame people, just because a report came out earlier this year that all rapes for the past few years were committed by Moslems.

  2. Wonder where did this mystery, 170cm thirty year old pedophile get the chloroform? He is sounds experienced in the matter!

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